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Get Centered!

  For the Amateur Potter to the Advanced Ceramic Artist  

Tortuga Ceramic Studio provides a collaborative workspace for clay artists. Tortuga provides a well-equipped studio with a wide selection of glazes and clays for high-fire ceramics. There are three regular group studio times each week, an independent study option, and occasional workshops taught by local artists. At this time we don't offer regular class instruction.


Membership fees are charged on a monthly basis, with options ranging from a single month to a discounted six-month membership package. Special workshops are open to non-members, and are charged on an individual basis (some require additional materials fees).

  Clay and Firings   

Custom cone 10 clay bodies available for purchase. Costs for glaze and firings are included in the clay purchase cost. We primarily fire a downdraft gas kiln, but salt fire and pit firing are also done at Tortuga.  Salt kiln charges are based on percentage of kiln space used.

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